Rosehip Facial soap

Suffering from oily- combination skin in your face? Thankfully, there’s a natural solution- our Rosehip Facial Soap. An infusion of rosehip oil, pumpkin seed oil, jojoba oil, and other natural ingredients work to balance your skin’s properties effectively. Our soaps contain collagen derived from grass fed beef marrow to make your skin look radiant.

The mixture of delightful elements was carefully thought out with oily-combination skin sufferers in mind. This facial soap is fragrance- free to avoid any skin reactivity, ensuring the best possible experience with every use.

•Fragrance free
• No Palm Oil
• Pumpkin seed oil- protects skin
•Jojoba oil- natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial
• Rosehip oil- evens out skin tone
• Grapeseed oil- moisturizes skin
• Sodium Lactate- derived from beets/ corn

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