Papaya Facial Soap

It’s not every day you find the perfect facial soap - one that doesn’t irritate or dry out
your skin, for that matter. The Papaya Facial Soap is formulated with special ingredients
such as neem, avocado oil, almond oil, papaya, collagen, and sodium lactate to provide
the most sensational soap experience!
These natural elements promote healthy skin cells, combat skim inflammation provoked
by acne, and incorporate antibacterial properties for a beautiful, optimal appearance.
Papaya evens out your skin tone while unclogging your pores, encouraging a healthy,
radiant glow so you can feel happy and confident each and every day.

• Fragrance-free
• No palm oil
• Ideal for normal/ dry skin
• Collagen derived from grass-fed beef marrow
• Neem- antibacterial properties
• Avocado oil- reduce redness/inflammation
• Almond oil- promotes healthy skin cells
• Papaya- evens out skin tone
• Sodium lactate- derived from corn/beets

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