Chamomile Facial Soap

If you have ever heard of Chamomile tea, then you probably know how excellent it is for your health. Our Chamomile Facial Soap was inspired by this fact and included as a primary ingredient, along with collagen, shea butter, marula, and grapeseed oil. This natural mix positively supports those with mild inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and irritation.

The marula is rich with antioxidants, combatting these undesirable skin conditions with its amino and essential fatty acids. The chamomile, in particular, features unique anti-inflammatory effects that are perfect for treating skin conditions that often result in sore, inflamed skin. This soothing and hydrating formula can work wonders for those seeking an organic alternative to traditional treatments.

● Fragrance-free
● No Palm Oil
● Ideal for mild inflammatory skin conditions
● Collagen derived from grass-fed beef marrow
● Shea Butter - anti-inflammatory, fades scars + softens skin
● Marula - combats undesirable skin conditions
● Grapeseed Oil - moisturizes your skin
● Chamomile - anti-inflammatory effects

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