Bone Marrow Kit


This kit comes with a 4oz pomade and oil treatment.
Save $2 when purchased together

We use 100% pure natural beeswax in our pomade. Beeswax moisturizes & smoothes down hair, keeps moisture from getting out of the hair and naturally stimulates hair growth.

We also offer 100% castor wax as an alternative. Castor wax is a vegetable based wax made from castor oil. Castor wax will help thicken hair and naturally condition hair to give it a better texture.

We offer a halal bone marrow option supplied by Farmer’s Halal (hand slaughtered halal). 

International Buyers
****Please be aware that your item may be held at customs for inspection, delaying the delivery time, and you may be charged a customs fee or import tax or similar*****

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