Bone Marrow Pomade


Feel the delicate healing touch of bone marrow on your hair with our all-natural Dermesken Pomade. It is made from Moelle de boeuf, Vitis vinifera oil, and other essences that strengthen hair for the fresh, soft, and silky smooth look you can be confident in!

Key Features:

  • Hair Growth. Added with a balanced mixture of Lavender oil and Neem oil to stimulate hair growth from the roots and rejuvenate each strand as it grows.

  • Protective Coating. It is infused with Grapeseed oil and Brazilian Babassu oil that protects the hair from dehydration and free radicals. Furthermore, this protection allows the hair to retain moisture within, so it remains silky and strong all day long.

  • Natural Moisturizer. It is made of 100% pure beeswax that acts as an organic moisturizer that does not strip hair of its natural oils without making it look greasy.

  • Adding Volume to Your Look. The infused beef marrow oil enhances hair volume and appearance while keeping your scalp and overall hair health in excellent condition.

  • Healthy Alternative. Castor wax is also available as an alternative. Castor wax is a vegetable wax derived from castor oil. A castor wax treatment will thicken hair and condition it naturally, giving it a softer and fuller texture.

    How to Use:

    Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands, rub them together—massage throughout the scalp and hair.

    Available Sizes: 4oz and 8oz

    Ingredients: Moelle de boeuf (bone marrow), Vitis vinifera oil, Orbignya Oleifera oil, Azadirachta indica oil, 100% pure beeswax, Lavandula angustifolia, plant-based fragrance

    Note: We offer a halal bone marrow option supplied by Farmer’s Halal (hand slaughtered halal). Please send me a message with your purchase if you would like this option.

    International Buyers

Please be aware that your item may be held at customs for inspection, causing the delivery time to be delayed, and you may be charged a customs fee or import tax.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get the fuller, healthier, and richer hair you've always wanted.

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