Our Story

My name is Mildred and after many years of using so called natural hair care products with no success I decided to create my own hair care products. After months of research and experiments, I discovered that beef bone marrow contains hydrolyzed protein, which strengthens and moisturizes hair.
From my kitchen, I developed the recipes and began using them, the results were mind-blowing. Friends and family members that tried the products were extremely satisfied with the results that occurred in such a short period of time. Once I knew that the products truly worked, I created Dermesken so I could share with everyone, who like me want truly natural products.

Bone Marrow (Moelle de Beouf) Pomade

The solution to your hair woes is here. From dry hair to thinning hair, this wondrous hair pomade will take care of it all. It is meant to preserve the moisture of your scalp and not strip it off as any other standard hair care product would.

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Bone Marrow (Moelle de Beouf) Hair Oil Treatment

Presenting our luxury Hot Oil Treatment to you which is packed with essential oils to give your hair the strength and care it deserves. This oil will be your hair's best friend and make it look better than ever.

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